Coming To The Practice


Please take a moment to read the following information before visiting the clinic.

Notice to Patients:

Due to the rarity of public knowledge of Pranic Healing I wish to address to all prospective patients that a regular attendance of patients to the clinic be upheld e.g. a serious disease treatment takes approximately 5-6 weeks with attendance 3 times a week, and other, lighter, non-critical ailments take approximately 1-2 weeks of attendance at 3 times a week or minimum of 2 times.

A number of patients have complained that they do not get well as fast as they expected e.g. one person with an eye problem and a serious disease complained that she wasn't healed - the explanation was that this lady came eight times to the clinic beginning in January with a span of 2 weeks separating each session, therefore four sessions for the eye and four sessions for the serious disease. She went to check with the doctor and found that there was no progress or deterioration with the eyes and the serious disease. Now if one cannot abide by the rules of alternative medicine one should not come due to the fact that it is impossible to treat someone successfully if they attend once a week or fortnight.

Please also note that people who come into my healing room, would they please refrain from crossing their arms and legs as this disrupts the healing energy.

Master George Dangel


Information To Patients On
Pranic Healing

  1. Patients that have received pranic healing must not bathe or have a shower for 24 hours after treatment. Why? Because most of the prana that has been energised onto a person's body will wash off - that defeats the purpose of the healing.

  2. Consumption of read meat, especially pork, is not permitted. Why? Because of the body having to work hard to assimilate and break down the consumed flesh, diverting the body's ability to heal itself.

  3. Consumption of alcohol and any beverage that contains caffeine is also forbidden. Why? The same reason as above.

Explanations on certain queries to patients that have just received pranic healing.

  1. Most illnesses have to be treated at least three times a week. It is not the healer's law, it's quantum law or universal law. The healer is only a vessel that takes out a diseased energy and replaces it with positive, healing energy.

  2. It depends on the illness, the age of the patient, physical condition of the patient and the duration of the illness. The healer has nothing to do with time spent treating the illness, e.g. if a person heals in three days, another person with a similar illness might take ten days.

  3. It is useless to try and bribe the healer with money to make the person well sooner. This is impossible due to the fact that the healer is just a catalyst bringing positive energy, sweeping out negative energy and replacing the negative energy with positive energy. Even through pranic healing is a great modality, it does not replace conventional medicine. It is rather to complement not replace the medical practice.

  4. Healing may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, according to the type of illness you suffer. The charges for treatment are the same

Master George Dangel